VIP Hall

VIP hall will give you silence and solitude. A huge aquarium and stylish eco-design create a lounge atmosphere. The VIP hall is ideal for romantic dates and leisurely business negotiations. Meet the people you care about in the right places!

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Children’s room

The Caucasus welcomes family rest. A separate children's room can accommodate up to 10 small guests. Here you will find educational games, a drawing board, bright chairs, new dolls and cars, and a huge TV if needed.

ShahGranat does its best to create a cosy and fun atmosphere even for its youngest guests!

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Hall with Barbecue

Here you can feel the atmosphere of night Baku. The hall is equipped with an open grill that meets fire safety standards. Relax and, while waiting for a treat, watch the art of cooking by our cooks!

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The Main Hall

The large hall can accommodate up to 80 guests at the same time. Designed specifically for noisy family celebrations, corporate events and banquets. The hall is equipped with a stage for live performances. Tables and chairs are easily rearranged for dancing, as well as for holding conferences and presentations.

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